Ruling issued in Miguel Cabrera’s child support case

Certain athletes and other celebrities may want their names in the headlines in Missouri and across the country in praise of their efforts on the field or on the stage. However, much media attention has been paid to professional baseball player Miguel Cabrera for reasons other than his prowess at baseball. Recent reports indicate that his publicized child support case may be at an end.

The case involves two children that Cabrera has with his mistress; he has three other children with his wife. Though he was originally ordered to pay $20,000 each month in child support, an amended judgment has him paying $14,000. The mother of the two children reportedly asked for $137,000 per month based on Cabrera’s $30 million per year salary; a judge ruled, however, that amount was not necessary to meet the needs of the children.

The original order required him to pay off the home he reportedly bought for the woman, but the amended judgement instead ordered that he must make the almost $6,800 mortgage payment each month. He must also pay for tutors, healthcare, travel, attorney fees and other expenses. As part of the judgement, the court ruled that the two children should have the same benefits as Cabrera’s other three children.

When parents are unable to come to an agreement regarding the best interests of their children — including the appropriate amount of child support — family law courts are often required to step in. Parents often want an experienced attorney on their side to ensure that their side is heard and to help them respond to claims by the other side. With such help, parents in Missouri often feel more confident as they seek to have the needs of their children met.

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