Dividing real estate as part of a divorce

When a couple in Missouri chooses to marry, there are multiple decisions that they must make. However, couples who are in love and filled with hope for the future are often able to fully discuss their options and come to compromises that are mutually agreeable. Unfortunately, if the relationship comes to an end, the couple is left to disentangle their lives without that same spirit of compromise, significantly complicating the property division aspect of a divorce.

One of the more difficult aspects of property division deals with real estate. In most cases, the home in which two spouses resided is considered a marital asset, subject to equitable division in Missouri. There are several different options when it comes to the family home. For example, the couple could decide which one will keep the house or the house could be sold and the assets divided.

Dividing asset properties can be complicated. For this type of real estate, there are several factors to consider, including when the property was purchased and who managed it. Frequently, investment properties are also sold and the assets divided.

Even when a Missouri couple is splitting amicably, there is often a great deal of paperwork to be completed and items to be discussed and negotiated. Unfortunately, an oversight could lead to financial complications in the future and may be difficult to untangle afterward. As such, many people going through a divorce seek guidance from an attorney with experience with the process who can help them navigate throughout all the decisions that must be made.

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