Saving time and money with a collaborative divorce

For some couples in Missouri, the end of their romantic relationship is dramatic, marked by bitterness and contention. For others, the end comes slowly without anger as the couple slip into a pattern of a friendly relationship rather than a romantic one. For either scenario, there are divorce options that can help transition to the next stage of life more peacefully.

For example, many people choose a collaborative divorce rather than one involving litigation. In this process, all involved — including the attorneys and a variety of professionals such as a mediator — sign a participation agreement. All involved commit to meet together and openly share information. The process requires honesty.

Those with experience with the process argue that if either spouse provides false information or is not completely forthcoming, it will be discovered as part of the proceedings. If the collaborative team is unable to come to an agreement, the group is disbanded, and new attorneys are chosen. By doing so, any of the events that happened in the collaborative attempt is protected from being an issue in court proceedings.

Many couples in Missouri are attracted to the collaborative divorce process because it can be a significantly faster and less expensive option. In many cases, couples are committed to maintaining a peaceful co-parenting relationship, which is often facilitated by the less contentious collaborative process. Often, an initial consultation with an experienced attorney can set a couple on the path to a happier, more fulfilling life without the bitter feelings often associated with the traditional process.

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