Appeals court remands child custody case

When parents in Missouri and across the country are unable to provide care for their children, there often comes a time when the court must step in and determine who will be in charge of them. In many states, family members are preferred when available. Despite this, a judge in another state ruled that child custody of two children should go to foster parents rather than the children’s grandparents.

The children’s grandparents reportedly live in another state. However, reports indicate that they went through the processes that would allow them to have custody of the children under the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. They reportedly expressed an “unequivocal” desire to have custody of the children.

However, the ruling issued by the judge in the case resulted in a different placement for the children. In her decision, the judge claimed that moving the children to another state would cause “irreparable emotional and mental damage.” As such, she felt that it was in the children’s best interest to remain in foster care. The state appeals court has recently reversed that decision, arguing that the judge’s reasoning was erroneous. Due to the recent ruling, the case will be remanded to the lower court to be reviewed.

Unfortunately, those involved in child custody cases are often unfamiliar with the legal system, often leaving them at a disadvantage. Some may be unaware that a judge’s ruling may not be the last option. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help people in Missouri fully understand all of their options.

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