Survey indicates more millennials seeking a prenuptial agreement

Those who have chosen to marry in Missouri and across the country have several decisions to make. Couples must decide where to live, what kind of wedding they wish to have and whether they wish to have children. Often, the decisions involve long-term planning, such as what happens should the marriage end in divorce? For these type of decisions, having a prenuptial agreement can be helpful.

A prenuptial agreement can help a person who is getting married protect his or her assets, including business interests and anticipated family inheritances. Couples can also include whether and how much spousal support will be paid. While a prenup has always been a useful tool for couples considering marriage, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer recently conducted a survey that included the topic. In the survey; a majority of family law attorneys indicated that they were experiencing an increased in the number of clients asking for a prenup.

Some believe that this increase is the result — at least, in part — of millenials who have been getting married later in life. As a result, people have greater assets when they marry, potentially prompting them to take action to protect them. Many attorneys also report an increase in the number of women requesting a prenup, perhaps because more women are serving the role of primary wage earner in the relationship.

For many couples in Missouri, the process of creating a prenuptial agreement is one that allows them to discuss openly their financial situation — including liabilities and assets — and make a plan for the future. While the process can seem overwhelming, there are experienced professionals who can provide assistance throughout, including helping to guide the conversation surrounding it. Such a professional can help create fair and enforceable agreements.

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