Seeking family law modification, enforcement in Missouri

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Families can sometimes be complicated, especially those in which the parents are no longer in a romantic relationship. Often, these complications lead to disagreements that could result in litigation if no resolution can be found. Because of the high stakes nature of issues involving family law, many people in Missouri turn to Henry Miller and the law firm of Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC for guidance. With decades of combined legal experience, the firm has the knowledge and experience concerning a variety of different issues that can help those involved in disputes navigate through them.

While many legal issues are finished when a judgment is entered or last appeal heard, that may not be true with issues involving spousal support, child support or child custody. In child support and custody, the main focus is what is in the best interest of a child. As a parent’s circumstances change, a modification may become necessary. If a parent experiences a significant change of circumstances, due to a job loss or medical bills, for example, it may become necessary to seek a reduction of child support payments. To be successful in this request, the parent must prove that they have met a strict legal standard.

The same can be said about spousal support in some circumstances. Some arrangements cannot be changed. However, modifications may be possible if the person requesting the change can prove that he or she is experiencing an ongoing and substantial change.

Contact An Attorney For Legal Guidance

Regardless of whether you are requesting or opposing a modification to an existing family law agreement in Missouri, our attorneys can help. Likewise, we also have experience enforcing an existing agreement. Often, an initial consultation can help those struggling with such issues fully understand their legal options.

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