Helping children cope with their parents’ divorce


There is no doubt that the end of a marriage is difficult for all parties involved. Even when both spouses in Missouri recognize that seeking a divorce is the best option, it is still often an emotionally difficult transition. Likewise, children are left adjusting to a new normal as a result of the decision. Though this “normal” may be better if they now experience less conflict, it is still a time of transition. Children are, overall, resilient, but parents can still help them through the process with as little impact as possible.

Because of the negative feelings often associated with a divorce, parents may experience a great deal of conflict. However, saving arguments and discussions of legal matters for times when children are not present can be beneficial. Additionally, a parent who speaks negatively about another parent in the presence of a child can create a situation that may be difficult for the child to adequately process.

The shifting of the family that follows a separation and divorce is often a big change. Retaining as much consistency in the child’s life as possible, such as maintaining contact with friends and staying in the same school, can be helpful. Regardless of the custody arrangement, having both parents maintain communication can help children realize that both parents are still an active part of their lives regardless of the child’s living arrangement.

It may be tempting for some parents in Missouri to stay in an unhappy relationship to protect their children. However, professionals are often able to help parents through the divorce process. By doing this, they may ultimately be able to create a happier life with less conflict.

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