Steps to avoid when going through divorce in Missouri

For many couples in Missouri, money is an important issue that often impacts their daily lives. The issue of finances becomes even more important for couples who have chosen to divorce. Each person wants to ensure that he or she is treated fairly regarding how money and other assets are distributed. Some family law professionals offer some guidance for these couples.

First, many divorce attorneys advise their clients to avoid posting information on social media. For example, a man reportedly posted on social media that he was unable to afford a settlement. However, he also posted information regarding a recent vacation in addition to discussing a deal he just closed at work. Such statements often belie claims of financial hardship and could make a court question whether the person has honestly disclosed his or her financial situation.

Another issue that could create additional hardship for divorcing couples is the assumption that litigation is inevitable. Cases that go to trial — especially those that involve child support and custody considerations — can be considerably more expensive than other options. For example, many couples choose to go to mediation, which is a more private option, in addition to the potential of costing less money. It does, however, require that both parties are honest and willing to cooperate.

For people considering the next step of their lives in Missouri, the potential options may seem daunting. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help them navigate throughout the process. An initial consultation with a family law attorney can help those considering a divorce decide on the best course of action.

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