Social media changes evidence used in family law cases

With the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, it is rare to find someone in Missouri who does not have some sort of account. Social media has changed how many tasks are done in the United States and globally. In fact, some family law professionals claim that it has changed the type of evidence seen by the court.

An attorney who recently hosted a seminar on advising clients who are going through a divorce or child custody case about the use of social media while doing so claims to have seen a huge change in how information found on these sites is used in court. Three or four years ago, she claims it was relatively rare to see a photo posted on social media as evidence in a family law case. Now, however, it is common.

Because of this, attorneys are warning clients about the potential implications of social media accounts. They advise ensuring that the passwords of all social media accounts are changed while also advising about how posts from an estranged spouse can be used. Additionally, using discretion when posting is also important. For example, a person who claims that he or she does not have sufficient funds to pay child support, but posts pictures of fancy dinners and international travels, could open him- or herself up to questions about the information he or she provided the court.

Social media often has a big role in people’s lives. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it can also play a significant role in family law matters, especially if information posted online contradicts what is provided to the court. Paying special attention to what is posted online can help those seeking a divorce in Missouri avoid potential misunderstandings based on information perceived as contradictory.

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