Social media and divorce: 3 things to consider

Social media has become a prominent part of everyday life. It has become second nature for people to share intimate details of life with followers. What happens when a blissful marriage becomes a difficult divorce? Does social media just shut down?

During a divorce, posting sensitive details may wind up hurting your case. It is a good idea to take some time to re-evaluate your social media use, before and during divorce.

1. Money

Money is a hotbed divorce topic that may cause sensible people to make irrational decisions. Discussing finances on social media, even in general terms, can land you in hot water with the court. Financial affidavits and disclosures are just a few of the required documents during a divorce. Their contents are also sworn-to under oath. Not disclosing everything in a legal filing may come back to haunt those who decide to post something contrary online.

2. Custody

Child custody is an integral part of divorce for many. It can be hurtful to both children and the divorce proceedings to post disparaging comments and pictures for your social media following. Posting out of anger can have serious consequences when it comes time to face a judge. Explaining your willingness and ability to successfully co-parent with a former spouse after making negative comments online may cast doubt on your credibility.

3. Employment

Employment is a two-fold topic during divorce. If you should be looking for work during your proceedings, posting status updates about staying home and photos depicting trips will not seem favorable to the court. Likewise, many prospective employers now conduct social media searches. If you are posting financial and child custody woes along with other comments about your divorce online, you may knock yourself out of the running for a good job.

Divorce is never easy, and maintaining a clear head can be challenging. Taking social media out of the equation may be worth considering.

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