Fathers’ rights and the battle for child custody

What happens to the children is often the most contentious issue in any Missouri divorce. Child custody is not an easy subject for parents, whether they are ending their marriage or they were never married after having children together. This legal issue can be particularly complex and difficult for fathers, and often, they find they must tenaciously fight to protect their interests and their parental rights.

Most courts agree that it is in the best interests of the children to maintain strong relationships with both parents. However, mothers are often favored, and in some cases, custody orders can be quite inequitable, leaving fathers with little time with their children. There have also been many cases in which fathers are left with child support orders they cannot pay, ultimately resulting in missed payments, ruined credit and even the threat of jail time.

Despite the shift in cultural awareness regarding the role of both parents, fathers still find it necessary to fight for their rights. This may mean seeking an affordable and fair child support order, or it may mean pushing back against false allegations and protection orders. The system may seem slanted against dads, making it important for men to seek strong and experienced legal help when dealing with family law complications.

Child custody battles are not easy, but fathers do not have to navigate them alone. It is worthwhile to pursue an equitable custody order and support requirements in order for dads to maintain their important role in the lives of their children. Missouri fathers who have questions and concerns about their rights may find benefit in first seeking a complete evaluation of their case.

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