‘Birdnesting’ following divorce to ease transition

Parents in Missouri are often forced to make difficult decisions regarding the well-being of their children. In some cases, they decide that it is in everyone’s best interests to seek a divorce. Once this decision is made, they are left to decide how best to ease the transition for children.

One option that some choose is what is referred to as “nesting” or “birdnesting.” In this arrangement, the children remain in the family home while the parents alternate time in the home. Often, the parents will have an apartment that they share, with one staying in it while he or she is not with the children.

Some family law attorneys and other professionals note the benefits of such an arrangement — if it is limited to a relatively short period of time. Children are given additional time to become accustomed to the major life change that is occurring, while still having access to their school and social life. Also, this arrangement prevents children from having to move their belongings back and forth between homes.

The benefits of seeking a divorce often far outweigh the benefits of staying together. However, it can be a difficult process for adults and children. Fortunately, parents in Missouri and other areas of the country who are amicably ending their marriage can often create a low-conflict supportive transition for their children that helps them as they adjust to the changes in their lives. For someone who feels that ending a marriage may be in a family’s best interest, a frank discussion with an experienced family law attorney can provide clarity on options and the process.

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