Alex Rodriguez locked in child support battle

The end of a marriage is never easy for most people in Missouri. When two people have children together, they will never likely be able to completely sever their relationship. Unfortunately, questions involving the care of children — including child support payments — could continue to be a source of conflict even years down the road. In fact, Alex Rodriguez is currently involved in a disagreement over the necessary and appropriate amount of support his ex-wife needs for their two children.

The couple were married from 2002 to 2008 and reportedly went through a contentious divorce. He has reportedly been paying $115,000 a month to his ex-wife in both spousal and child support. However, he claims that they originally came to that agreement when he was still playing baseball; he has since retired, reducing his annual income to $3 million a year in 2016, in comparison to the $30 million he was making previously.

Rodriguez claims that a maximum of $12,000 a month would be sufficient to support the girls but is willing to pay $20,000. His ex-wife claims that despite the criticisms that Rodriguez has recently levied against her, she claims that the funds he pays her are necessary. She further states that she remained unemployed after the end of their marriage at his request, claiming that he wanted her to stay home to ensure that their two daughters had a stable life.

When a couple with children splits, they will be forever linked by them. Often, they must make decisions regarding their best interests. When a conflict arises that cannot be settled — such as what amount of child support is appropriate — most people in Missouri  likely want an attorney on their side to guide them throughout any court proceedings that may result from some a disagreement.

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