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November 2018 Archives

How to change a child custody order in Missouri

As children and parents age, circumstances change. As the years go by, you may notice your existing parenting plan or child custody order is no longer feasible. It may be possible to modify the court order to accommodate the change in circumstances and the best interests of your child.

Matt Barnes awarded sole physical, legal child custody of twins

Many parents in Missouri and across the country believe that a strong relationship with both parents is in the best interest of the children, facilitated by a 50/50 custody arrangement. However, there are certain circumstances that would necessitate a different arrangement. In fact, a judge in another state recently awarded retired NBA player, Matt Barnes, sole physical and legal child custody of his two children.

Parental alienation as it relates to child custody

In a majority of cases, the court will find it in the best interest of children of divorce to spend time with both parents. However, some parents will try to turn their kids against the other parent through a process known as parental alienation. In essence, one parent reprograms the child to turn against the other to undermine the other parent's efforts, which can significantly degrade the effectiveness of any child custody arrangement. 

'Birdnesting' following divorce to ease transition

Parents in Missouri are often forced to make difficult decisions regarding the well-being of their children. In some cases, they decide that it is in everyone's best interests to seek a divorce. Once this decision is made, they are left to decide how best to ease the transition for children.

Fathers' rights and the battle for child custody

What happens to the children is often the most contentious issue in any Missouri divorce. Child custody is not an easy subject for parents, whether they are ending their marriage or they were never married after having children together. This legal issue can be particularly complex and difficult for fathers, and often, they find they must tenaciously fight to protect their interests and their parental rights.

Alex Rodriguez locked in child support battle

The end of a marriage is never easy for most people in Missouri. When two people have children together, they will never likely be able to completely sever their relationship. Unfortunately, questions involving the care of children -- including child support payments -- could continue to be a source of conflict even years down the road. In fact, Alex Rodriguez is currently involved in a disagreement over the necessary and appropriate amount of support his ex-wife needs for their two children.

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