No one anticipates a divorce, but a prenup can ease the process

Most, if not all, Missouri couples who commit to marriage do so with the “until death do us part” bit in mind. However, when they consider reality, they might realize that prenuptial agreements are crucial for providing both spouses peace of mind. Drafting marital contracts before the marriage, when both parties genuinely want the best for their spouses, makes more sense than fighting over issues later. Once a couple has filed for divorce, each spouse wants what is best for him- or herself.

It is said that communication and money matters are two of the top reasons for divorce filings. Sitting down and having open discussions about financial issues could be the ideal way to address those two reasons for divorce even before the marriage. Open discussions and full disclosure by both parties can form a firm foundation for any marriage.

Prenuptial agreements have nothing to do with the assets held by any spouse. Although they might want to protect what they bring into a marriage, it is what they accumulate during the marriage that must be addressed in advance. Regardless of whether it is a first or fourth marriage, division of assets and spousal support will be an issue in the event of a divorce. Knowing that a fair division of property, potential future inheritances, debt and earnings are set out in a prenuptial agreement can avoid a whole lot of insecurities that might threaten marital relationships.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement that will stand up to the scrutiny of a judge in a Missouri divorce court might need the skills of an experienced attorney. A lawyer can assess the relevant matters and unique circumstances of the couple and also explain future issues that might arise — things that the client might not even have anticipated. Once the document is drafted, the other spouse’s attorney can review it, and changes can be made as required. Knowing that all the necessary matters are addressed in a prenuptial agreement, a couple might tie the knot and start a long and happy marriage.

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