The 2 months in which divorce is more likely to happen

A study out of Washington University suggests that there are two months out of the year in which more marital splits occur. It seems that March and August hold the distinctions as being divorce months. It may be because many American couples, including those living in Missouri, don’t want to file for divorce around holidays.

The study was not initially aimed at finding that information, it simply surfaced from all the data collected. Experts reason that many couples don’t want to file for divorce around certain times of year like Christmas because they may deem it to be socially unacceptable. Some may also try to give their marriages one more try by going on vacation, thinking that time away may heal old wounds. Holidays are generally times when moods are uplifted and many people are more relaxed and can think more clearly.

There is also the thinking that couples may need time to actually do the necessary planning for divorce, like getting finances in order, getting lawyers and other experts who may be able to help each of them. That may account for the break between the new year and the first elevated numbers in March. The same reasoning might apply to August which is around the beginning of the school year.

There is never an easy or a right time for divorce. Making that decision is a difficult one. A Missouri attorney may be able to help by providing information regarding the legalities that accompany the divorce process. A lawyer can help a client move forward with the assurance that his or her rights will be represented at every stage of the divorce — the petition, child and spousal custody, property division and final decree.

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