Missouri criminal defense: Man charged in fatal shooting

A 26-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a recent fatal shooting that claimed the life of another man, age 32. Missouri authorities are on the hunt for another suspect. The man arrested was allegedly the get-away driver in the Gravois Park neighborhood shooting. He will have to mount an aggressive criminal defense against the first-degree murder and criminal action charges leveled against him.

Cops said the victim was gunned down after being chased down the street. The shot that killed him was nearly at point-blank range. However, police documents indicate the accused was standing outside a vehicle with another person. They were apparently watching a fight when the other person shot the victim in the face and head with a gun he took from out of the vehicle.

Police said the accused drove away in the vehicle with the shooter in tow. They are still looking for the alleged gunman. No other arrests have been made. Bail for the man was set at $1 million. He has prior convictions for drug possession and resisting arrest.

Missouri residents who are charged with felony crimes may have a better chance at fighting those charges with the help of an experienced criminal defense team. First-degree murder is the most serious murder charge one can face, and it can carry the death penalty. Because of what is at stake, those accused must mount the most aggressive defense possible. A lawyer would be able to provide his or her client with much-needed advice after thoroughly reviewing the evidence in each individual case.

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