Divorce is not necessarily bad for the health

The last thing one person in a couple is likely to believe is that splitting up may actually be good for his or her health. Divorce won’t necessarily make Missouri residents unhealthy. Researchers in London found those who have remarried after their divorces aren’t more prone to having cardiovascular or respiratory ailments in middle age than those who have remained married.

Divorce in the 21st century has come a long way. It is no longer stigmatized. The thought of the day is that when it’s over, it’s over. Get uncoupled and move forward with life anew. It seems that the end of the baby boomers who cohabit without marriage or who have divorced have similar health to those who marry.

In some cases, health was actually better. For instance, divorced men in their 30s who didn’t remarry were not as likely to suffer from diabetes-related conditions early in middle age as as are their married counterparts. The study showed that women and men who never married at all were the most unhealthy in middle age.

Separating may actually reduce the stress of some individuals. Perhaps it’s like the story of the lion and the thorn in his paw — once the thorn is removed, the pain subsides. A Missouri attorney can offer help when it comes to the divorce process, especially if a client wants to end what might have been years of emotional and perhaps possible physical pain. Whatever the circumstances, a compassionate lawyer may be able to offer wise advice to clients who have made the tough decision to end their marriages.

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