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July 2018 Archives

3 benefits of getting a divorce

When your marriage is falling apart, it is easy to focus on the negatives. Divorce is certainly difficult and comes with plenty of downsides. No one is going to pretend that ending your marriage is fun or enjoyable. 

Juvenile law strives for rehabilitation instead of punishment

Missouri treats juveniles in its criminal justice system generally similar to other states. The usual juvenile law framework provides that a person under 18 is charged and prosecuted as a juvenile. Unlike the harsh penal sanctions of the adult criminal justice system, the juvenile system follows a goal of rehabilitation of the individual. However, when a juvenile has a particularly serious prior history of criminality and/or where the crime charged is severely dangerous, the courts can certify the juvenile to be tried as an adult.

Criminal defense attorneys will monitor new role for deputies

Sheriff's deputies in Missouri can make arrests just like police officers. Well, that is, everywhere in the state except in St. Louis. That is going to change quickly, however, because the state legislature passed a law in May that gives St. Louis sheriff's deputies the same arrest powers as deputies throughout the state. Criminal defense attorneys may be keeping a sharp lookout at the new practices to assure that defendant's rights are being protected in the transition that looms ahead.

Divorce is not necessarily bad for the health

The last thing one person in a couple is likely to believe is that splitting up may actually be good for his or her health. Divorce won't necessarily make Missouri residents unhealthy. Researchers in London found those who have remarried after their divorces aren't more prone to having cardiovascular or respiratory ailments in middle age than those who have remained married.

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