Divorce and prenup go hand-in-hand for many couples

A nationwide increase in couples seeking prenuptial agreements is reported. However, those planning their weddings in Missouri will likely agree that it remains a difficult subject to broach. The idea of preparing for divorce, even before the marriage, remains the thorny bit of this conversation. Advisers maintain that it is less uncomfortable if the subject is brought up when a couple is still dating. At that stage, it will be an exchange of ideas rather than a situation in which it can be mistaken as one partner demanding a prenuptial agreement.

The advisers say being able to discuss the issue honestly and openly indicates a stable relationship. If this is true, both parties will agree that a divorce is the last thing they want, but at the same time, they would want to make things easier for both in the unfortunate event of a breakup. It might help to remind a partner that all marital relationships end — if not in divorce, then in death — and a prenup will serve the same protection if one spouse dies.

It is also essential for the lower-earning spouse to understand that the agreement will also benefit him or her, rather than only protect the assets of the higher-earning spouse. The prenup can provide security for the less-wealthy partner in the relationship. The fact that drafting a marital agreement is a joint exercise in which both spouses participate can also make the idea more acceptable.

After detailed discussions over time, a Missouri couple should have a good idea of what is important for both spouses as their relationship grows. When conversations start including a marriage, it might be time to consult with one party’s divorce attorney who can provide the necessary support and guidance in drafting the agreement. The other spouse can then take the draft to his or her own legal counsel to confirm that it is equitable before the final signing of the agreement.

Source: Huffington Post, “How To Bring Up A Prenup Without Sounding Like A Jerk“, Brittany Wong, Accessed on April 6, 2018

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