Half way through divorce month

January is a month of new beginning for many people. For some in Missouri and elsewhere that means getting out of bad marriages. This is why January is often referred to as divorce month.

Divorce rates spike generally two times a years, in January after the holidays and at the end of summer. This January, experts are expecting a significant increase in divorce filings thanks to the new tax bill and how it will affect divorce settlements. Starting in Jan. 2019, alimony will no longer be considered a deductible expense; however, those who are already receiving this benefit will get to keep it. So, filing and completing a divorce in 2018 is important for those who wish to take advantage of this soon-to-be-gone tax benefit.

Is divorce always the best solutions to marital problems? For some people the answer is a resounding, yes. For others, it may be possible to work things out. It all depends on what each party wants in the long run. According to a psychotherapist, there are some clear signs that a divorce is imminent:

  • One or both parties stop talking to each other
  • Goal changes
  • Frequent fighting over money
  • Expectations are not being met

While the divorce process can be challenging to get through, sometimes it is worth it if there is no hope of salvaging a marriage. No one should have to stay in a marriage they are not happy to be in. Missouri residents can turn to an experienced family law attorney now or anytime throughout the year in order to get the ball rolling. Just remember, it does take time to complete the divorce process, so those who wish to ensure they are not negatively affected by the new tax plan may want to file sooner rather than later.

Source: businessinsider.com, “January is ‘divorce month’ — a lawyer and a psychotherapist break down the top signs a marriage is about to dissolve“, Shana Lebowitz, Jan. 12, 2018

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