Missouri family law: Millennials and divorce

There are two different ways that people in Missouri and elsewhere view millennials. They are either thought to be cautious planners or too quick to make big life decisions. In terms of family law, many experts believe them to be the former rather than the latter in many ways, particularly when it comes to marriage and divorce.

Many millennials are waiting to get married rather than jump in when they are too young and not prepared. Those who are ready to take this significant step are looking into prenuptial agreements in order to protect themselves and whatever assets they may hold. They understand that not all things work out and just want to be prepared. This is the cautious planning side of things.

Why people tend to think they are too quick to make major decisions partly has to do with how soon after entering a marriage they are willing to file for divorce. This does not mean that they are not willing to try; it just means they understand that things are not how they want them to be and are willing to say something before years of their lives are spent in unhappy marriages. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move on in those circumstances.

A millennial divorce really is no different than any other divorce; it just happens when a couple is younger. They may have fewer complex assets to worry about, and they may or may not have children. At the end of the day, couples in Missouri, whether they are of the millennial age group or of an older generation will still need help making sure that their divorce settlements are fair and balanced. An experienced family law attorney can assist them with this.

Source: dmagazine.com, “The Millennial Divorce“, Nov. 14, 2017

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