Brendan Fraser’s alimony nightmare

Being rich and famous seems like it would be a great thing. Maybe it is, but who knows. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? For instance, Brendan Fraser may not appreciate his money and celebrity status all that much right now as he has been ordered to pay nearly $1 million a year in alimony and child support. Alimony is a family law issue that affects numerous individuals in Missouri, and like Mr. Fraser, there are those who may not be too pleased with how much they have been requested to pay.

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Brendan Fraser has been in the movie business for quite a while. He is no stranger to the big screen and his career has been, by all accounts, successful. One part of his life has not been too successful, though. He married actress Afton Smith, and after many years together and three sons, the two eventually decided to go their separate ways.

Fraser, as part of his divorce settlement, was ordered to pay approximately $75,000 a month in child support and alimony. This is because he is expected to help his ex and his children maintain the same lifestyle to which they were accustomed while the former couple was married. However, as he has not been making as much as he once did, he has requested that the alimony amount be adjusted. This is a right afforded to any individual who is ordered to pay spousal support. His requests have not yet been approved, to his dismay.

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The alimony issue is tough. There are laws in place to keep it fair for both the payer and payee, but circumstances tend to change, sometimes making it difficult for the payer to keep up with his or her obligation. Those in Missouri who are struggling with their current spousal support orders can seek assistance from an experienced divorce attorney in order to seek alimony payments that fit their current economic situations. Call 314-721-6677.

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