Missouri juvenile law: Teen accused of posting threatening note

A Missouri teenager was recently arrested for allegedly posting a threatening message online. The message was reported to law enforcement officials by staff from the high school where the accused attends. Due to the age of the accused, this should be a juvenile law matter; however, due to the severity of the alleged crime, this case may be passed onto criminal court

It was recently reported that police in Callaway County were made aware of a Snapchat post that was potentially threatening in nature. The post showed a pistol emoji and a caption that administrators at South Callaway High School believed to present a safety concern for other students and staff. The teen thought responsible for this post was swiftly identified and authorities sent to investigate the matter.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, a 17-year-old male was arrested without incident. He was transported to jail and charged with making a terroristic threat. In the state of Missouri, this is a felony — second degree. Bond has already been set and paid in this case. It is unclear if any court dates have been scheduled in this matter or if the accused has obtained legal counsel.

Whether a teenager’s case is handled at the juvenile law level or is moved to standard Missouri criminal court, a criminal defense attorney can be present in order to assist the accused in fighting any charges filed against him or her. In this particular case, the charges are severe as are any penalties that are associated with a conviction. Is jail time really the answer? Many would say no. With the help of legal counsel, this young man can seek to fight the charges at hand or at least pursue alternative sentencing options so that he can get the help he really needs going forward.

Source: fultonsun.com, “Teen arrested after threatening message reported“, Oct. 20, 2017

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