A criminal defense attorney’s job does not end at conviction

So, you were charged with a crime in Missouri. Despite your best efforts and even with the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you were convicted of the crime. Think your case is done? Think your attorney’s job is done? Think again.

A criminal defense attorney’s job does not end when a client is convicted. It happens. Thankfully, there is an appeals process in place so that convicted individuals can continue fighting for their freedom and to have their names cleared.

The appeals process is not an easy one. It can take time to put together an appeal request. Specific forms need to be filed, and specific details of why one is requesting the appeal need to be included. It can all feel overwhelming, especially if one is not familiar with the process. Overall, the appeals process goes as follows:

  • Request to appeal is filed
  • Brief filed
  • Second brief filed if the court has questions
  • Oral arguments — only if they are deemed necessary
  • Court makes a decision

Those in Missouri who have been convicted of crimes can seek help from an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to navigate the appeals process. Even if an initial appeal does not work, the process does not end there. It may be possible to have one’s case heard by a higher court if the initial appeal fails. Though the appeals process can be a challenging one, with the assistance of legal counsel, you can take all the steps necessary to get through it. To learn more, please visit our firm’s website.

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