Missouri juvenile law: Get help with an underage drinking charge

You give your teenager permission to go out and have fun with his or her friends. A few hours later, you get a phone call from one of many of Missouri’s fine police departments. Your child has been arrested for underage drinking. Now what? A juvenile law attorney may be able to help.

No parent wants to get this kind of call, but it happens. When it does, how the situation is handled certainly matters as the consequences associated with an underage drinking conviction may follow your child for years to come. As most parents only want what is best for their children, it is understandable that you may have questions about what to expect and what you can do to really help your child.

After a teenager is arrested for underage drinking, depending on the details of the case, the matter will likely be sent to juvenile court. There will be a number of hearings, and ultimately, a judge will get to decide if your child is guilty of the alleged crime and what the punishment will be. In juvenile cases, some will say that having an attorney is unnecessary; however, by having legal counsel at your side you’ll be able to get all of your questions answered and have the benefit of having someone who knows how the juvenile system works fighting for your child.

Just because a criminal case is considered a juvenile law matter, it does not mean that the state of Missouri will treat it lightly. An underage drinking charge can result in detention, loss of driving privileges and a number of other consequences if a child is convicted. To learn how an experienced attorney can help you and your child, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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