Are you ready for divorce?

If you feel things are bad between you and your spouse in Clayton, you may find yourself contemplating divorce. As simple as it would be for you to file the papers that will legally free you from your relationship, you should avoid being rash. Many people who rush to divorce often end up regretting their decisions.

It is important for you to carefully evaluate your situation before you make a decision you may not be able to take back. Here are some things to consider about your relationship to help you determine if divorce is the right solution for your situation.

Do you know why you want to leave your partner?

It is one thing for you to be unhappy with your spouse because you disagree with some of the things he or she says and does. But it is another thing entirely if you want to file for divorce because you believe your relationship is really over. Take some time to think about how you feel about your partner and situation. Once you know why you feel the way you do, you can take steps to resolve them.

Have you shared your feelings with your partner? 

You should communicate your feelings to your partner so he or she knows there are issues affecting your relationship. They may not be aware you are unhappy or may feel confused about everything that is going on. When explaining things to your partner, make sure you choose your words carefully. Avoid being negative and saying things in a manner that seems like you are blaming him or her. If your spouse seems willing to work on your relationship, you may benefit from couples counseling.

Is your marriage savable? 

Make a list of the reasons why you feel your relationship is heading for divorce. You should also list the reasons why you feel your marriage may be salvageable. Encourage your partner to create one, too. You both should take the steps you can to save your relationship. If your partner is unwilling to participate or believes there is no hope for your relationship, it may be time for you to prepare for divorce.

You may have married with the expectation of being with your partner forever. However, many relationships do not last that long. Some marriages end prematurely because people rush to divorce instead of taking the time to work on their relationships.

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