Brad and Angelina divorce at a standstill

It is not uncommon for couples in Missouri and elsewhere who are working through the end of a marriage to struggle coming to agreeable terms. When this happens, they may choose to take a step back and put things on hold temporarily. According to a recent report, this appears to be what is going on in the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce case.

The Jolie-Pitts have an enormous fortune and shared assets worth millions of dollars. It is believed that the couple cannot agree on what to do with some of their real estate, collections and wine label — among other things. They have been working on a divorce settlement for nearly a year. However, as they are unable to come to agreeable terms, they have opted to take a step back and put things on hold.

Brad and Angelina have been together as a couple for well over a decade. They were married just over two years ago. It is said that they do have a marital contract in place, but it does not appear to cover everything which has not helped them in solving their property division disputes.

Not everyone who goes through a divorce will have to deal with the high asset issues that the Jolie-Pitts are facing. But, like them, Missouri couples who are ending their marriages may not always agree on how their shared assets should be divided. Stepping away from the situation momentarily can prove helpful in some situations. One’s legal counsel will be there to continue fighting for a fair and balanced divorce settlement when one is ready to proceed.

Source:, “Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shut down divorce for financial reasons”, Aug. 15, 2017

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