An uncontested divorce still deserves careful consideration

Ending a marriage without fighting about who gets what — is that possible? Yes, actually it is. In fact, numerous couples in Missouri file uncontested marriage dissolutions every year. Don’t be fooled by how easy and simple it sounds, though. An uncontested divorce still deserves careful consideration before you sign those papers.

You’ve done it. You and your spouse decided to go your separate ways and even worked out a settlement that you both feel is fair. Congratulations! That is not a feat that everyone can accomplish. Before you file, though, you may want to consider having an attorney look over everything first.

Why, if everything is good to go, would I want to do that? It is easy to overlook things that can then come back to bite you down the road. For example, you may think that the financial settlement you worked out is fair, but you really could end up getting less than what you are entitled to, paying more than you should or being responsible for some serious fees and/or taxes if things are not done right.

There are a lot of fine details that must be tended to when getting a divorce. Unless you are familiar with Missouri marriage dissolution laws, going through an uncontested divorce alone can end up hurting you in the long run. To learn how an experienced attorney can assist you with your uncontested divorce and why having legal counsel at your side is so important, please take a minute and visit our firm’s website.

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