Divorce season is coming once again

According to a study, in March and August there is a spike in marriage dissolution filings. With June practically done, that means there is only one more month until more couples in Missouri and across the country take the plunge and file for divorce. Is that really true? Is there such a thing as divorce season?

Researchers at a leading university fully believe that there is such a thing as divorce season. While their findings are specific to their northwestern state, after looking at numbers in other states, they believe this to be a trend nationwide. March and August simply see more divorce filings than other months of the year. Why?

According to the study, researchers believe it has to do with the holiday seasons. In March, people are finally getting through the winter holidays and are ready for a fresh start. In August, summer vacations are winding down, children are returning to school and the marital problems are still ever present.

When it comes to filing for a divorce, a couple has to do it when they feel it is the best time for them. For some that may be during the March or August divorce season, and for others it could be any random month of the year. Regardless of when a Missouri couple chooses to file papers and get the dissolution process started, each party can turn to his or her own experienced family law attorney who will be there to assist in working to achieve a divorce settlement that best serves the needs of the client and — if applicable — the needs of his or her children.

Source: phillyvoice.com, “Study: We’re coming up on divorce season“, Marielle Mondon, Accessed on June 27, 2017

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