Second-Parent Adoptions Increase Due To Concerns Over Trump Administration


President Donald Trump has stated that his views on same-sex marriage are “irrelevant,” and implied that he is willing to live with the 2015 Supreme Court decision making same-sex marriage legal. That is not enough to comfort large numbers of same-sex couples. One sign that same-sex couples are wary of the president changing course is the increase in second-parent adoptions since the election.

In a second-parent adoption, one spouse in a same-sex relationship is a biological parent and the other legally adopts the child. Many same-sex couples pursue second-parent adoption to protect the non-biological parent’s rights in the event the relationship ends.

The Second-Parent Adoption Scramble

With Trump in office, same-sex couples around the country have felt more pressure to complete a second-parent adoption. Among other things, they fear a more conservative White House could reverse course and prevent non-biological parents from receiving full parental rights through second-parent adoption or allow individual states to determine second-parent adoption laws.

Some non-biological parents are concerned if states are allowed to set laws in this area, a non-biological parent could be prevented from making medical decisions on his or her child’s behalf.

Missouri And LGBT Parents

Despite the Supreme Court’s acknowledgement of marriage equality, Missouri laws do not automatically provide same-sex couples parentage equality. That is, marriage is not enough to guarantee full parental rights to non-biological parents.

If you are in a same-sex relationship in which there is a child, it is wise to confer with a knowledgeable family law firm like Grant, Miller & Smith to gain clarity and legal protection for your parental rights.

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