Missouri juvenile law: Help with hearings

If your child has been accused of a delinquency of some type, he or she will likely have to appear in juvenile court. In Missouri or elsewhere, juvenile law and criminal law have very different purposes. If your child’s case stays within the juvenile system, the end goal will be rehabilitation rather than punishment for the alleged crime.

It is normal to have a million questions when the prospect of having to go to juvenile court arises. Some questions may be in regard to the hearing types your child will be required to attend. There are quite a few different hearing that take place in juvenile court – seven to be exact. These are:

  • Detention hearings
  • Pretrial or settlement conference
  • Hearings on motions
  • Fitness or waiver hearing
  • Jurisdiction hearing
  • Disposition hearing
  • Review hearing

Each of one of these hearings has a very specific purpose. For instance, during a detention hearing, a judge will determine if the minor will be able to be released to his parents for the remainder of his or her case or if he or she will be required to stay in a detention facility. As every case is unique to the person and circumstance surrounding the alleged crime, only the hearings that are deemed necessary will be utilized. To learn more about juvenile court hearings and how an attorney can help you and your child, please visit our firm’s website.

Dealing with a juvenile law matter whether in Missouri or elsewhere can be rather frightening, especially if you do not know exactly what to expect. By seeking the assistance of a skilled defense attorney, you will be able to get any questions you have answered and gain valuable insight to how the system works. Going in prepared for what may happen and with strong legal representation, the best possible outcome may be achieved.

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